Shahimi Shark

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Shahimi Shark is a popular deep-sea creature with an adorable face and exquisite little fangs that makes people want to poke his cheeks. Despite with a chubby body, he has very soft temper, unlike the fierce reputation of sharks. His cute appearance has earned a lot of popularity, and there are currently 22 sets of Shahimi Shark stickers and emoticons available. Fans' support has been the creator's greatest motivation.

Shahimi Shark: a species of great white shark that leads the sea world family and wins everyone's hearts. This plump and fluffy creature has a blue-gray exterior with a white belly, giving it a full-bodied appearance. Shahimi Shark has a lively and cheerful personality that always fills you with positive energy!
Fun fact: Shahimi Shark legs are actually evolved from his fish tail!

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