PP mini the Little Penguins

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PP mini is a group of characters based on the blue penguin, one of the smallest species in the penguin family. "PP" is a combination of the first letter of the English word "Penguin," and it sounds similar to the Japanese onomatopoeia for a small bird's chirping, "ピーピー." Standing at only about 5cm tall, these penguin characters are small enough to fit into a pencil case, and the gray-colored penguin is even smaller at 2.5cm. Because of their small size, they are called "mini" and their round and chubby bodies make them endearing to fans, who also give PP mini a nickname "Fatty Penguin."

The characters have intentionally been designed with no specific gender or defining features, in order to allow users and fans to project themselves onto these characters. PP mini's design style is simple and straightforward, requiring little explanation in words to be understood, making them highly adaptable for use in various situations. This lake-blue penguin is extremely charming and often displays playful expressions and poses, giving a sense of adorableness and healing that appeals to all ages!

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