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The main character of "Poncorgi and friends" is a fat and naughty corgi dog - Ponpon, the bright orange and the and the heart-shaped ass are his signature.At the beginning, the story background of this brand is around the main character - Ponpon and his friends daily life.

At the end of 2020, we extended creation of " Poncorgi and friends" used the office daily life for the new theme series story.
The five main characters of the new theme series story are
A designer who is dedicated but doesn't love to work - Corgi Pon Pon
A receptionist who loves to be cute and poisonous - Poodle Curly
A planners who is loyal but also prone to anger - Shiba Inu Chai Chai
An accountant who is weak but has second-class personality - French bulldog Han Han
The Blind-faced but workplace strong woman boss - Pomeranian Ms. Mei

The 5 character and others various personalities for the 10 upporting roles, to describe the intrigue story of office daily life in the " steak Co., LTD" at Sweet potato island. To show the real " Social animal" life, let the true anecdote in our office daily life to be the theme series of story in this brand. May though this way, let more fans have resonance with " Poncorgi and friends"

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