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The Chimoz, a group of barefooted elves with hairy hands and feet, have dwelled beneath the earth for a long time. They would come up through these holes and
explore all kinds of interesting stuff. It has been a while since the last time the Chimoz visited the surface. Back then, they met the aboriginal tribes in Taiwan.
They shared the ideas of cherishing and protecting the Earth with each other, and become close friends. The aboriginal friends gave each member of the Chimoz a
great name.
There are seven members in the Chimoz family. The first is Tokola, who looks like a frog and loves all kinds of adventures. Makapah has antlers on her head, and holds the bow and arrow just like Cupid. Kamay is always enthusiastic in helping others; that's why he needs six arms to manage all the tasks. Payci is working all the time, go round and round like a clockwork. Olah thinks about his garden every day, you can see a flower grows on his head. Falo is an early bird, and has a lionlike hairstyle. Fana looks like a duck, he insists on wearing a protective mask to prevent himself from breathing in polluted air.
The Chimoz walk around barefoot, because they want to get close and show their love to the earth. They also keep the hair on their hands and feet because they're born this way, and they are proud of it. The seven Chimoz travel to places full of stories, and spread touching tales to the world.

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